The Cathelco marine growth protection system (MGPS) is the most widely used in the world with a record of more than 30,000 installations over a period of over 50 years. This includes everything from VLCCs and container ships to ferries and cruise ships together with the vessels of 40 navies.

The Cathelco system protects seawater pipework and associated equipment against bio-fouling caused by barnacles and mussels which are drawn into pipework as larvae where they grow and create blockages which impair the efficiency of engine cooling systems.

Advantages of the Cathelco MGPS systems

  • Based on the electrolytic principle, providing reliable protection without the use of chemicals
  • Saves maintenance costs by eliminating pipework cleaning
  • Environmentally benign – concentrations less than 2 parts per billion
  • A dual system combining anti-fouling and corrosion suppression
  • Easy installation at new build or retrofit

How the system works

The MGPS system usually consists of copper and aluminum anodes mounted in seachests or strainers which are wired to a control panel.

In operation, the copper anodes produce ions which create an environment in which barnacle and mussel larvae do not settle, but pass directly to discharge. At the same time, aluminum ions create an anti-corrosive layer on the internal surfaces of pipes. In the case of cupro-nickel pipework, ferrous anodes are used instead of aluminum anodes.

Seachest installation

Seachest anode installations are generally carried out at new building using special sleeves and flange mountings. Anode renewal takes place at scheduled dry docking intervals.

Strainer installation

If systems need to be installed prior to dry docking, the anodes can be mounted in the sea water strainers. This also simplifies replacement when anode renewal becomes necessary.

Anodes and control panels for smaller vessels

Cathelco produces a range of control panels and anodes for workboats, patrol craft, tugs and luxury yachts. Some of the anodes are designed with integral cathodes and can be installed in plastic strainers, pipes and areas where a cathode does not exist.

Quantum Systems

  • RS485 signal allows system to be governed from control room or bridge.
  • No need to fill in log sheets – data can be uploaded to a USB stick and emailed to Cathelco.
  • Automatic data logging provides more comprehensive information for detailed analysis

The latest Quantum touch screen control panels put information about the performance of the MGPS system at your fingertips, so that everything is quick and easy to monitor. They also provide greater connectivity with ship’s bridge computers.

The panel is very compact (320mm x 300mm x 180mm) and weighs just 10.3kg.